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It’s 10/25/12, and we’ve gotten our first, real, I’m-stickin-to-the-ground snow last night, and it’s lovely!

Son Bee is da bomb. He walked outside, looked around, took in all the snow on all the tree branches, and said, “The color contrast is beautiful! The white snow looks PERFECT on the red!” Touché, big man!

First “real” snow ~~ 10/25/2012




What does that mean? Well, it can mean only one thing.


Smokin’HotHubby has found the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Yep, it’s here. He’s now crossed over. 

Honey, I bribed begged some of the most wonderful gals on the internet to help me make this year’s birthday special for you, since we are of course not going scuba diving this year. Heh heh

Ohh Marvin

This is a The Answer is 42 blog hop so let’s get right to it!

First up we have the sweetest gal in New Hampshire {I’ve met her so I know this to be an absolute fact, so there} who made a creation that will blow your mind.

Start here > Terri’s Terrifical Treasures ~ leave some love too

Then you’ll hop to the dynamic Amy T’s blog {Amy being the world-renowned design team Mastah!} After you visit Terri, lickety split to Amy!

Next we have the incomparable Tina’s blog {Tina being the end-all, be-all maestro of the Cameo ~ the thing bows to her when she walks in the room}. Plus, her style speaks to me subliminally. Yes. Yes, it does.

And finally, I need ya’ll to come back tomorrow to view a wonderful creation that hails from the Old Dominion…Virginia! My sweet friend June{bug} has made a creation for this hop that will be here tomorrow. I’ll scan it, post it, revel in the beauty of it, brag about it, then give it to hubby. And, probably in that order too!

Oh, and happy World Cardmaking Day everyone! But most of all, happy birthday, my sweet punkin of 10 years!

Thank you, ladies, for making this even BETTER!

♥How I got to be this fortunate, I do not know.♥

♥ Tee ♥



♥ Bee ♥

{hehehe, June…yep, thought of you as I made this envelope…of course!}

Please scroll down if you’re wondering where parts January through May are:)

Look at those dinky little Popsicle stick adornaments! Oh how I have loved thee. And of course the burlap {I don’t know, just making that up} sentiments whose ends I chopped like that. I admit, the I and the N are K&Company that are blinged by yours truly. Also very much adore this piece of background patterned paper in the Sublime line.

The J cardstock letter, get this, is from a Wild Asparagus Merry Christmas line of products, and I’ve had these letters since 2008. Yowy, I think I should get a prize for such excessive stash digging…what with the I•kan•dee from April too!

Please scroll down if you’re wondering where parts January through April are:)

Oh that delicious little metal frame. I have waited for years to justify using that little frame, plus I love it yet can’t explain why. Then, in a package of Basic Grey Sublime’s 3D tags, there was this perfect “one of a kind” tag that just fit right up into that frame, allowing for the popped letters {which, BTW, are Spica glitter pen’d} to, well, pop I guess. Heh heh

That backing piece of patterned paper has this giant gorgeous flower front and center that is positively one of my favorites in the enter Sublime line. Holy crap is it beautiful.

Please scroll down if you’re wondering where parts January through March are:)

This is April’s envelope for my sweet hubby, and it’s a little silly. I got stuck on using the dots somehow, thought of buttons, and there I went. April was a big month for us 10 years ago when daughter Tee was born; so by definition, April was a big month for all of us this year because she turned the big 10. She will never be single digits again, and will remain double digits for, well, quite a long time.

Basic Grey Sublime has gorgeous metal embellies, so I used them here to emphasize how “me + you” in April equals “mom & dad.” Then I totally and completely and thoroughly {have I mentioned indubitably?} got lucky with the Sublime “sugar&spice” round cardstock sticker that also represents a girl baby! Yay! I couldn’t believe how perfectly that worked out. See the bobbles {not Wobbles} in the upper right? They’re I•kan•dee from a company called Pebbles Inc., and I’ve been hoarding different packages of these since 2005!!! Yep, that’s a 5. I had nothing to fund this project, nor did I have time to do a bunch of embossing or cutting out the fancy adornaments {thanks June!}, so I went drilling into the recesses of my stash. At least a girl has stash. And it’s unpacked and basically in plain view, so at least I had that going for me.

Years ago I had heat-embossed the Tim Holtz grungeboard swirly at the bottom left…thought maybe it was time to get used.

Please see my previous two posts for the reason behind this project that I’m sharing. It’s all about my 10th wedding anniversary, it’s all about Basic Grey’s Sublime line, and it’s all about a monthly gift to my husband.

Here’s March’s envelope. The flowers were crocheted and given to me by my mom-in-love. The two metal embellishments at the top left say “lucky” and “birthday” because my bday is in March on the 17th. The luck of the Irish is with me considering the awesome family I have, despite my being Slovanian!

I looove that rubon from My Mind’s Eye {I’m pretty sure}. I’ve had it since Rocky Mountain Hobbies down in Broomfield closed their store years and years ago.

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