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Another Flashback Friday!

Posted on: July 10, 2011

Since I have completely dismantled my scrapping area, I will now be looking forward to every single Flashback Friday challenge! If it weren’t for AmyT, I wouldn’t have a creative outlet for the time being!

This week’s Flashback is courtesy of Julie Elak, who asked for us to share the first non-Traditionally-Shaped card. I searched and searched my blog for one, and it took so long that I stopped at the first one I found LOL I looove the template for this card!

Card/Gift for Terri

4 Responses to "Another Flashback Friday!"

Hey hey sista!!! Check out all those glorious blooms…soooo very pretty!!!! You gotta carve out a space somewhere else so that you can keep being crafty! I love it when you play along and join in the Flashback Fun!!! Thanks for your support sista:)

Love this. That opening in the candy side is gorgeous! Looks so elegant and whimsical at the same time.

So glad we can keep you involved in challenges :>)
Is that a little giftie area in a card??? What fun! What sweetness! You have such a cute diagonal going on the right too.
Thanks for Flashing back with us :>)

Oh, I remember this one and I still *heart* it.

I am glad you are finding a creative outlet in the FFC…your loyal fans miss you:)

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