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I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned on my blog {do a search, dummy!} that I’m a BzzAgent. We sign up to be involved in numerous different campaigns, some of which come with a BzzKit. I want to specifically comment on a campaign that I recently joined involving microwavable Ball Park hamburger patties. Granted, since we eat only grass-fed, lean organic beef, and rarely at that, I should have known that a company better known for “they plump when you cook ’em” hotdogs should truly stick with making hotdogs.

Here are some stats per hamburger patty:

  • 19 grams of fat
  • Partially hydrogenated soybean oil is added
  • Food starch is added, along with corn syrup and sodium phosphate
  • 15 grams of protein {they don’t list the type of beef}
  • 440 milligrams of sodium

Hubby made us a couple of burgers last week, more as a last ditch effort to get me a quick lunch, and the burger smelled SO weird upon my first bite. While I didn’t enjoy the first bite, the second one made me spit it out and nearly vomit. Meanwhile, hubby took his first bite and found himself face-to-face with a large {in comparison} vein running all the way through the burger. We confirmed that every burger in the batch ~~ and 6 patties normally cost $10 at King Soopers ~~ has a disgusting vein running through it. What on earth did we expect, though? And I get the dry heaves reading the positive reviews that other BzzAgents have given the burgers. I keep thinking, “Wow, your standards must not be very high. Do you also drink Coors or Bud or Miller?”

Follow the arrow…

Maybe every burger doesn’t have one of these veins, but are you willing to take the chance of feeding this to your family?

I had forgotten that while daughter Tee got her hair done before the father/daughter dance, I was taking pictures on my phone! I don’t often take pictures with my phone anymore because it’s seems like I’m always forgetting to clean the lens first!

Although it was expensive, and I really should learn to do hair{!!}, the gal who gave Tee perfect curls is wonderful. She’s friendly, goes above and beyond, and took it upon herself to help Tee look the way we’d envisioned. I don’t recall singing her praises previously, so this felt like an adequate time! Hopefully this will serve as my reminder to make the gal a very nice thank-you card.

Getting finished with underlying layer…

She put liquid hairspray in, then curled with a very hot iron…

Beautiful! Time for a bow…

Sooo curly!

I have that song stuck in my head now…Fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads; fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, yum!

Field day, field day, rolly polly field day

Field day, field day, play all day, yay!

Where’s all this leading? I thought I’d show some random photos of the kids and canine on field day last week. It was a great day weather wise too.

Uhhh, that’s his backpack strap; he’s not squattin’ one off or anything.

Even with the best of intentions, none of my carefully conceived plans came together for our Memorial Day. I had hoped to drive a ways with the kids up toward Horsetooth Res, maybe get out the bikes, but for certain spend a good deal of the day recalling daddy’s and mommy’s relatives who have passed on, and of course our troops and everyone who gives their lives so that we in America can die as free people. Two words: Soldiers.Angels

So none of that worked out, and maybe I’ll remember why as soon as the memory of it heads into long-term memory. My short-term memory? Suffering a bit from cough due to cold. That’s a little tongue-in-cheek there.

And today I began recalling how I spent the majority of my Memorial Days in Paonia, from as early as I can remember, gathering peonies and roses to be placed on graves above Paonia and some above Somerset.

And after aaaaaall those years of being around oodles of peonies, which have also been growing like mad for over 100 years in Paonia’s town park, you’d think a person would become even just a tad sick of ’em. Contrarily, they are my most favorite flower on the planet. They maintain a unique internal pattern every single day of their lives, it’s amazing.

It was always a matter of interest to me, and lots of folks with whom I grew up, that my hometown, Paonia, was named after the {iconic} flower, but there’s intrigue involved! The founder of Paonia wanted to name the town after the Latin word for peony ~~ Paeonia. The website I linked to above says maybe the end result…Paonia…was accidental or intentional, who knows. But I grew up believing the story that the post office officially prohibited the use of three or more uninterrupted vowels within names of places. Wonder if my long-held version of the truth holds water?

So for all of the stuff I’ve said about the cool papers I used for leaves on the teachers’ strawberries that I made, I didn’t include the two photos that show the papers the best. Do you ever wanna go back in time and slap the previous you for whatever thought process had overtaken you at the time? I say that jokingly, but still…I was all talk and no show.

Sometimes I wish you could reach through a monitor and actually touch something because I’d love for you to see, hear, and feel how great these Harry&David pear-wrapping papers are. I had NO idea what I would do with them once I decided to save them, but luckily sometimes my need to hoard works out well {let’s discuss the negative side of that some other day}. The lesson I learned here is if it’s paper, surely I have a spot for it somewhere, to be used another day for other purposes. You just never know!!

See how shimmery it is? This is the good side, with the under side looking like plain ol’ tissue paper.

I just thought a totally different type of paper would really make these strawberries stand out a little more.

Hubby was also able to snag a photo of the inside of daughter Tee’s card to her teacher. It makes me fuzzy inside to think that Tee’s favorite teacher thus far will treasure what Tee wrote for many years to come. What’s rather odd is that hubby and I haven’t been very keen on Tee’s current and previous teachers, I think it’s a personality thing; we have felt that for some unknown reason those ladies haven’t found it endearing that hubby and I are very involved in our children’s lives because we didn’t have children just to end up paying somebody else to babysit/raise them or to raise themselves or to leave things to chance, so we voice our feedback on the homework they bring home, the activities and tasks they’re asked/required to do, how we think they’re doing as productive students, and finally, keeping tabs on any trouble or issues that our kids might be causing/experiencing at school.

On a side note: Bee’s two previous teachers were bowled over by how involved we are with him and his educational experience. This is why I feel it’s so odd that his teachers have been amazing about how tight our family is, but Tee’s teachers, in my opinion, just haven’t bought in to us. All that being said, when Tee loves and appreciates a teacher, that’s all I need! So I still do everything I can to spoil her teachers because they are so important to her! Take the emotion out of it, mommy!


See? Can you tell that Tee loooves this woman? I don’t, but that’s completely beside the point {unless I didn’t approve of something, obviously, but that hasn’t been an issue}.

If you can instantly picture the video for that song and have begun singing the song in your head, them I’m sending you a gift card…it’s that worth it! That song, though, has absolutely nothing to do with this post; I was just trying to play on a really stupid title that I proffered in a post below.

Daughter Tee’s teacher has been amazingly great for her, they just meshed sooo completely. Tee says it’s the best year she’s had so far LOL

Proud Mommy Moment alert: Were it not for our wonderful vacation to Great Wolf Lodge the week of Thanksgiving 2011, the kids would have gotten perfect attendance. Now, I know that’s a statement about the kids’ ability to get up, get dressed, and get going – indeed that’s not easy to do and I never accomplished that until my junior year in high school. But I think it’s mostly a testament to hubby getting everybody up, getting everybody dressed, and getting everybody going. And all that while in a daily/hourly fight with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and gluten intolerance. Hat’s off, my love!

These are the gifts that Tee presented to her teacher, and soon I’ll post the pics of the kids’ last day of third and fourth grade.

Both of the quad baskets were made using the Animal Glitter Stack. I love this particular jungle one, such great colors.

Had to use coordinating alien green ribbon oooof course!

One of the many strawberries I made for the quad baskets.

Sure do looove the pear paper for the leaves!

Aerial view

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