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In a way that’s a rhetorical question, but we have a teacup Shih-tzu whose feet on linoleum sound just as cute as the pitter patter of baby feet! Pix gets fed twice a day, and each time those of us who aren’t getting Pix her food just watch in pleased wonder as she dances around the kitchen floor in her pitter-patter way until her food dish is set down. Sooo cute!

Yesterday I posted about these ‘pitter patter’ embellies and how I just plain didn’t want to find space for them again after they’d gotten separated from the tote they were intended to inhabit. So I made four cards and am tempted to package them in one of those clear GinaK boxes I told you about several posts ago, and sell them or give them to this teacher at school who my daughter has taken a liking to because the lady is pregnant. She could probably use these as thank-you cards as she’s due on June 2nd!

Embossing is courtesy Cuttlebug flower folder.

I forgot to mention that each white card base is inked on the edges in a color as close to the background paper as possible. I am NOT good at not inking the edges of things.

Yes, easy schmeasy cards made with more stuff that I’ve had for years and happened to fall out of a tote, yet I didn’t realize it until the tote was stored and I was left with ‘pitter patter’ embellies that I wasn’t about to throw away.

Unfortunately these don’t correspond with any challenge or whatever, far as I can tell, so I’m just posting them to post them. I made two and have two more to go. Thinking about making them a set and doing <insert something nice here> to them!

I loove this ribbon that I’ve had for over a year, so I went with background colors that match the ribbon. The Prima flower in the background is from a pack that I’ve had for over 3 years, and I’ll admit that I’ve been hoarding them because they are stamped with LOVE and other words. Well, LOVE is stamped right in the middle of the flower, meaning a brad or ‘pitter patter’ embellie is going smack dab on top of the LOVE, so why hoard them just because they say LOVE, in a place that you’ll never see??!!??

Background paper is DCWV ‘neutrals’ pack that I’ve had for years {of COURSE}.

Soooo, I’ve already mentioned how we live in a submarine, literally. Except for the conspicuous absence of portholes and hatches, it’s an extremely small house. Moving from 3,300 ft² to 1,030 ft² was a bit of a shock for 4 people, but we made it. And we’ve managed to make it a home, including my having a tiny bit of space in my bedroom for a craft table that hubby installed. Well, part of crafting in a small house involves taking stuff out, using it, then promptly putting it back or risk upsetting the sanctity of the sub.

This means that I’ve spent some of today consolidating scrapping supplies, and in so doing some stuff fell out of this box or that box or these boxes or those boxes, and they succumbed to my lack of motivation to find a place for them. So I decided that whatever I didn’t want to find a place for was going to get a place on a card or be thrown away. Hence, the next few days of cards that I shall be posting.

On an interesting note, I was able to match up several of these impromptu creations with the inspiration that Three Cool Chicks has been providing this past week. As I mentioned in a post below, day 2 was doilies so I managed to create some thank-you cards with doiles {thanks Tina!}.

Day 4 was baker’s twine, so that provides a nice segue into this card. One of the items that just fell out while I was craft consolidating is this A Boy is a Joy embellishment that I bought shortly after I found out son Bee would be a boy {and on his ultrasound, he left NO doubt that he’d be entering the world a boy to make his daddy proud *wink* *wink*} which means that I’ve had it for going on 9 years now. Yeesh. I’m proud to say that this card took me 20 minutes to make, start to finish.

Used some mocha Twinery, Core’dinations embossed background paper, the Jolee’s boy embellishment, and I forgot who made the brads that I’ve had for 4 years.

So did you hear the one about the mommy who knew her son was into boy/girl fairies, but didn’t associate that love of fairies with the awesome fairies at Paper Makeup Stamps? That mommy is hoping to be forgiven…someday LOL

Dang, I was a bit nervous making this card, it’s been a few months since I picked up the ol’ Copics. Sadly, I picked up a couple too many Copic Sketch markers that are too far from each other in the color spectrum and, therefore, don’t play/blend well with others. The result is I probably do more fussy blending than most.

Anyway, this card is for the CR84FN Color Challenge, which I wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for the awesomely talented AmyT!! When I saw the colors, my brain nearly did the happy-pop-off dance, ever seen that?! I’ve been wanting to make a super cool card for a friend of mine who’s having a boy, and the colors in the challenge happily screamed ‘boy’ to me. Then I figured I could combine the colors with one of my fave Paper Makeup Stamps, Birthday Lauren {btw, who doesn’t love Lauren Meader???!!!}. The gift wrapped in red corresponds to the red heart on the sentiment, so by that silliness I’m implying that new baby Madix is being given the gift of life and love.

I’ve kinda been wondering, so do you have an opinion on this: Should people always put their card recipes somewhere in their posts? I’ve just never been sure that anybody cares about mine, but I also don’t want to be a jerk!!

Frameabilities Classic Frame, GinaK Pure Luxury kraft, Prima 3D roses, ekSuccess branch punch

Sure do absolutely love how graceful and precious these PMS fairies are…*swoooon*

I honestly just can’t get over how perfect this little project is for a onesie! The long piece of paper, which gets wrapped around the little box on the bottom of the inside, measures 5½X11, and that 5½” is the height – perfect for a rolled up onesie! Remember the sock monkey BinaB that I made for the friend who received the diaper cake? Well, his too adorable 3yo daughter Adria saw the BinaB and declared it her own after the onesie was removed. My friend watched Adria walk into her bedroom, place the BinaB on her dresser, stand back and admire her placement and say “Yep, it’s just perfect right there.”

This BinaB, and others that I’m making for her, is for a friend of mine who I met when I first started working at IBM. We were hired into deskside support, which made all of us Tier III computer support for the entire IBM campus in Boulder, CO. Holy moses, we had such a great time, and I was too stupid and naive to appreciate it while it was happening. Anyway, she and I were just two of five women who worked in a support branch of 33 men, most of whom were just out of college so wow, it was sort of like working in a testosterone factory. But she and one of the other women in the branch were the two who helped me grow a spine, almost literally, when my ex-mistake was trying to bulldoze me into submission. I owe those two so much!! When I started being my own advocate to ex-mistake’s face, he insisted upon knowing what had happened to the “old” me ROTFL.

I have completely forgotten the name of the paper manufacturer, not that it won any awards or anything

I sincerely cannot get enough of this PMS Swirlie Tree, I am absolutely smitten with it

Yay!!! I love Amy’s FF challenges!! Although I’m stupefied when I arrive, it’s fun to get in the way-back machine for these challenges. I’m certainly glad I’ve improved since the days of yore, holy goodness, now I try to distinctly emulate those crafters whose talents I adore. Guess that’s the whole point, right? Get upscale inspiration in order to improve?

I started sewing on things prior to this card, but it looks like those projects have faded into obscurity, thank goodness. I began my sewing endeavors with the Sew Easy, that teeny tiny sewing machine by Provocraft {ugh}. Daughter is getting that in a few years. This card was for some friends who’d just had their first baby girl. The journaling card is removable so that it can be placed in a scrapbook {hopefully}.

7Gypsies journaling card; used Notch & Die tool and photo corner to keep card on

…bring you a cute little box in a bag!! It’s so funny how necessity breeds creativity breeds a search of SplitCoastStampers!! Remember the friend who was the recipient of the diaper cake from several posts below? Well, I bought 3 Garanimals onesies to give upon baby Jayna’s arrival — she arrived on my “old” birthday, can you believe that??? — but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to give them. Well, I’d been wanting to try this little bagNbox for quite some time, and whoooooo-weeee did it come in handy!

It’s so incredibly easy to make! I can’t even believe how fun these are to make and how many possibilities there are! And the totally super thing? The bagNbox holds a newborn onesie with absolute precision, I love it. I’m seriously going to make one of these for each onesie! I don’t, however, have one of the adorable, efficient round tab punches that Diana has in the SCS tutorial, so I had to figure out something else. I thought maybe the Nestabilities Labels Seven would work as a foldover tab, so I used the 2″X1½” one, scored it short ways in the middle, folded it, punched a ½” hole, then Terrifically Tacky Taped it to the bagNbox – voila!

The paper is super bright pink, so my camera and I argued over the light settings!

Closeup of the flocked monkeys!! They are so soft!

I rolled up the onesie and it fits so perfectly into this, like it was made for it!

This is my TeamShively stamp on the bottom of the ol' box

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