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What does that mean? Well, it can mean only one thing.


Smokin’HotHubby has found the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Yep, it’s here. He’s now crossed over. 

Honey, I bribed begged some of the most wonderful gals on the internet to help me make this year’s birthday special for you, since we are of course not going scuba diving this year. Heh heh

Ohh Marvin

This is a The Answer is 42 blog hop so let’s get right to it!

First up we have the sweetest gal in New Hampshire {I’ve met her so I know this to be an absolute fact, so there} who made a creation that will blow your mind.

Start here > Terri’s Terrifical Treasures ~ leave some love too

Then you’ll hop to the dynamic Amy T’s blog {Amy being the world-renowned design team Mastah!} After you visit Terri, lickety split to Amy!

Next we have the incomparable Tina’s blog {Tina being the end-all, be-all maestro of the Cameo ~ the thing bows to her when she walks in the room}. Plus, her style speaks to me subliminally. Yes. Yes, it does.

And finally, I need ya’ll to come back tomorrow to view a wonderful creation that hails from the Old Dominion…Virginia! My sweet friend June{bug} has made a creation for this hop that will be here tomorrow. I’ll scan it, post it, revel in the beauty of it, brag about it, then give it to hubby. And, probably in that order too!

Oh, and happy World Cardmaking Day everyone! But most of all, happy birthday, my sweet punkin of 10 years!

Thank you, ladies, for making this even BETTER!

♥How I got to be this fortunate, I do not know.♥

♥ Tee ♥



♥ Bee ♥

Well, the post has everything to do with my sewing machine AND having atypical fun with it, but that’s no excuse for the punny, is it?!

Years ago when we lived north of Fort Collins in Wellington, if I worked from home, hubby would take the kids to school then head over to the Chocolate Cafe to get me a frou-frou coffee drink. The gals at the Cafe, I would find out much later, actually ordered their self-adhesive coffee caps from FastCap, or Cruzin’ Cap, depending upon where you’re at on the internet.

Well, I had completely forgotten how many caps I had collected over time and stuck onto my sewing machine. I love these caps. They aren’t very “green” but they sure are creative!

Whenever I got repeats, I stuck them to a drawer in a desk I no longer have. The white circle you see there with seemingly nothing on it contains a glittery snowflake.

Guess when this one came home on my coffee??!! I loooove that they’d put such a cool quote on a cup cap!

I am going to be posting things that the kids do or say, and that I want/need to remember because they’re poignant, silly, sad, unexpected, what have ya. I’m tired of trying to rely on myself to get on the Alienware and type things like this into a Word document that I started eons ago.

Sooooooo, one thing I really want to remember is that when, for instance, a book is really good and evokes true emotions, son Bee says that it’s “heart touching.”

I love that: heart touching. What an awesome way to capture your impression of something in two words.

I hope that days with your awesome kids/family are the cutest!

Don’t they? I had never heard of a reading tub until I met Smokin’HotHubby, whose school in Greeley, Colorado, had a library with several repurposed old clawfoot tubs! They were filled with pillows, and kids could go into the library, hop into a reading tub, and have countless hours of comfortable reading.

When we lived in Castle Rock, Colorado, many years ago, we used to subscribe to something called FreeCycle ~ an email-type service that provided ways for people to recycle their “trash” into a treasure for someone else, and always free. Hubby managed to snag an extremely ugly, rundown, rusty, over-painted with vastly horrible paint, and left outside to rot bathtub from FreeCycle.

Hubby took weeks to scrape off the nasty that was all over the tub. Then we got to work on the transformation. We washed it down completely, Mod Podge’d a layer on the outside, placed hundreds of pages of a very old novel that the Castle Rock library gave away for free(!!!) onto the wet Mod Podge, let that dry; then Mod Podge’d another layer, let that dry; then Mod Podge’d another layer and let that dry. Hubby also took layer upon layer of gunk off the feet for the tub, which coincidentally have the letter B on them ~ B for Bill or B for son Bee?? Hmmmm.

Well, for the last two years this tub had to be in storage because we had NO leftover space to have it out…bummer. That has all changed with this new-to-us house! In fact, we were able to do exactly what we’d hoped: ensure that the living room {upstairs…family room is downstairs} focuses specifically on reading and providing space to do that. We own ONE LED television, and that’s all we’ll ever own because our focus is on time well spent instead of time TV spent.

I just love how the Reading Tub looks in almost the middle of the living room. You walk into the house and immediately realize that we are a family of readers rather than a family of watchers.


Here are the Mod Podge’d pages of the book that not even the library wanted anymore! Honestly, although we wanted to use a book on here that we both love and recognize, it seriously didn’t feel right to tear one apart, so we used a free one from the library.


Love the legs on this tub!


For underneath the rim we used pages from another book that the library gave us for free. These rim pieces aren’t typically seen, so we didn’t worry about the quality of the paper ~ but the pages are from yet another book that the library didn’t want.


We bought a bunch of fabric remnants and asked hubby’s sweet mom to make pillow cases for all sorts of pillow forms we got on sale. So this tub is filled with probably 17 different pillows, and the black one on top is the newest addition ~ it’s a very comfy pillow for when hubby used to have to wear the CPAP I blogged about yesterday.


If this doesn’t make you want to jump in and read some good pulp fiction, then maybe you should try a lake. Bwah hahahahahahahahahaha

I seriously doubt that you’re going to want to see many more photos of my Happy Room until I get the appropriate alien pictures up…soon. I’m waiting on a coupon for a Snobby Lobby discount on custom framing so that I can get my “I Want To Believe” X-Files poster fixed. I really should Photoshop the poster first to make it “I Totally Believe” hahahahaha

I just wanted to show you what the “whole” room looks like, computers AND scrap/craft area. I hadn’t shown those because wires and cables were all over the computer desks from troubleshooting what ultimately turned out to be Comcast’s mistake.

Here’s the computer area. Don’t laugh at the old-a$$ Dell desktops we have; they work and didn’t cost us a dime. Ooooh, and you can’t laugh at the old-a$$ towels I’m using to protect the electronics and printers from the sunlight – now that I have my sewing machine out again, I can sew some appropriate covers AND curtains!!


Do you like my Jack Skellington snuggee? Jack & Sally’s movie makes me happy! Can you even believe that hubby found a $20 alien green task chair??


Even the closet is gorgeous now!

Just thought I’d share some more photos of stuff moved into the room, especially since I’m hoping to craft this weekend, and by Sunday this room could be a hellstorm of a mess. Let’s hope not, but just sayin’…

I haven’t taken a photo yet of the entire room because up until yesterday the computer desks were a complete mess since we had some troubles with the Alienware and comcast {who actually doesn’t deserve to be upper case}, so cables were everywhere and the Alienware was dismantled.

I wouldn’t know where to begin telling you how wonderful it’s going to be to have the computers in the office within inches of my scrap/craft area! And I guarantee you that I’m NOT about to take this space for granted, like I did when we lived in Wellington. Stupid, naive me just never realized that we might actually have to move into a house {the previous one} over half the size of the Wellington one. So while the kids play on the computers, I can still see what they’re doing, answer questions, just chat, whatever we want. The two things that make my life complete are spending time with my family and crafting. I know a couple of you out there who resemble that remark!!

Here’s a super awesome cabinet that hubby got me last year, cleaned all up, and the doors’ decorative strips crackle-painted green!!


And here’s the lovely inside ~ see how the doors have storage too? Sooo perfect for my Prima flower packages!


I’m in utter awe of the amount of Twinery that some people have. OMG, color me 13 different kinds of jealous, that’s for sure! And to have only ONE actual full roll of Twinery?? That’s right, only one. Ostracize away, I deserve it!! Ohh, and I should probably get those lamps turned on!


I’ve never had the AlienBug and my Stickles box on one shelf…’s the little things that make me happy LOL

I sure hope that days in your happy rooms are the brightest!

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