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If I had money to pay you to post your applicable projects on the Flashback Friday challenge blog, I would! And I say that because it is SOOO easy to enter these challenges. All I did was search my blog for things that fit this challenge, #24, which involves posting my first masculine card, then instead of linking to the original post I created for the card, I’m creating this new one and linking to it on the Flashback Friday site. But you never have to create something new for this challenge! How on earth can you possibly beat that?

The first masculine card I ever posted is this one, which I created for a former friend who was in jail at the time for DUI. For some inexplicable reason {seriously}, I wrote to him OFTEN while he was in jail, including sending him cards, and after he got out of jail, we barely ever heard from him. In fact, he called us about 9 months after he got out of jail, saying that he’d be getting married soon but that no, we weren’t invited to the wedding because it was going to be so small. Since then we’ve heard nothing. Just proves that not all friendships last a lifetime {guess I’d chalk that one up to being “season”}.

Or maybe he hasn’t communicated more because he can’t believe I sent him this card?!?!

Thank goodness I got better at inking things!

AmyT‘s Flashback Friday Challenge 23 is being hosted by Janice of Twin2U2 Designs, and the challenge is to showcase the first card that you ever made with butterflies and posted on your blog. Seriously, these challenges are awesome because you don’t have to go create something new! Just post a project according to the challenge and you’re in the running for awesome prizes!

So the card that I’m sharing was created in October 2008, and originally posted on November 4, 2008! I spent approximately a year starting July 2008, creating made-to-order cards for a guy at USDA and his wife. This card is one I created for the wife’s mother, who loves daffodils. The part I don’t like about reposting this card is how I colored Bella; thank goodness my Copic abilities improved!! I have to recognize my hubby on this one because when I realized I had ZILCH in my stash in the way of daffodils, so he drove over to Hobby Lobby and asked nearly every employee there about scrapbooking daffodils. He came home with a K&Company sheet of embossed stickers.  He is awesome!

AmyT’s Flashback Friday challenge is being hosted by Miriam and involves your first project using a die cut. I honestly don’t remember if this is the very first project I made with a die cut, but it’s certainly the first one I posted, so I’m going with that LOL

When my sweet sister Cindy in New Zealand generously bought me my AlienBug {Cuttlebug}, I swore to use it as often as possible. What a wonderful gift! The family and I were at Joann’s one day, about four years ago, when I noticed this gift die on huge sale. It’s a cut/emboss die all in one. I originally posted this card in August 2008:)

Birthday card for a friend from a previous life

You just have to play along with each Flashback Friday challenge! You don’t even have to make a project, you just need to find on your blog and post the project that fits the challenge! Easy peasy and fun!

I just did a bunch of commenting on my favorite inspirationally creative sites, and I remembered that AmyT posted the next Flashback Friday challenge, hosted by guest designer Hazel, and we need to post our first CleanAndSimple {CAS} card.

Well, I think you could say that my early cards were leaning a bit on the CAS side the whole time. Were it not for the creativity and inspiration and new tools that I found posted on a now-defunct MSN groups site called Scrapping Friends, I would have never improved in this craft. That was a pivotal group in which I could be involved, and I still have so much respect and love for some of those ladies. Were it not for that group, I perish the thought that I might not have met Tina, one of the best and brightest people/friendships of my creative life. I am constantly trying to be more like she is in my craft. And Terri, also inspirational to me in many ways including in her layouts, is one of the kindest, most trustworthy people I’ve ever met. Yes, I can say that I actually got to meet in person some of the ladies in that group. It’s an experience I won’t ever forget {stay away Alzheimer’s, I’ll give YOU a run for your money!}.

That being said, I’m just going to post the first card I ever posted, back in 2008 when I started this blog, and of course it doesn’t disappoint in the CAS area!!

Two scrap pieces of Basic Grey Sublime, a Making Memories playing card letter, some letter stickers, and two Prima flowers ~ CAS defined!! LOL

The previous Flashback Friday was all about wonderful banners, but I couldn’t find anything in my blog that even remotely resembles a banner. Soo, alas, I had no entry. And I almost skipped right over this month’s Flashback because I honestly couldn’t remember having created an owl card!

Welll, lo and behold, I have indeed made an owl card, how happy could I be about that?! Especially since monumentally amazing AmyT both looves owls and is the host of Flashback Fridays! Owls, Amy, and Flashbacks…oh my!

I used to be on a design team for Queen Kat stamps, so the tree and owl on this card are acrylic stamps from QK. I only wish I still had this card to send to AmyT. Going to call the waaambulance now!

Owl card for Flashback Friday

This month’s Flashback Friday challenge {hi AmyT!} is brought to you by Pam, and she challenged folks to post their first Tag! I started this blog in July/August 2008, so I went a’searchin’ for the first tag I posted. Yikes, I created this tag in December 2007, for a previous friend of mine. As you might be able to see, I tried my hand with alcohol inks and those white metal snowflake brads. At the time I thought this was one of the coolest things I’d ever made; now, not so much. Oh well, a person shouldn’t lament where she came from in order to be better now!

Won’t you please post your first-ever tag over at Flashback Friday?!

My friend loved green snowflakes, so there ya go LOL

It’s September 11th, and I’d wager that there are very few people living in America who won’t realize what today is…more on that later.

AmyT’s wonderful Flashback Friday’s current challenge by Els is to post your first fall-themed card. The inspiration for my very first card came from an MSN scrapbooking group called ScrappingFriends, during one of its quarterly online crops. Previously I hadn’t sewn so much on a card!!

The papers are from a super old Stack, and the bag o’ leaves/rake are Jolee’s.

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