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If you read “Un” with your best French accent, then I applaud you and should send you a prize!

For SmokinHotHubby’s birthday last year, we invited two of our closest {probably thee closest} friends, a couple, to go with us to a scuba place and have a real scuba diving party in a swimming pool at the perfect temperature. Well, although they didn’t need to, a couple months later D. and L. insisted that we get to the Broomfield airport so that D. could pilot us up in his chopper. The kids had never, and yes I mean never ever, been up higher in the air than a tall building. {They’ll correct me if I’m wrong about this.}

What an experience. Jeepers do we owe them! It won’t be soon that I’ll afford to get us all on a plane and build up enough mental fortitude in order to tolerate the TSA ~ they give me the HeeBeeJeeBees somethin’ fierce. The world reads daily about their ineptitude and vacuous demeanors.But you won’t find that anywhere around our friend D!!

SHH being taken in a wide circle to the helicopter.

As you can see out the window, we are only slightly off the ground and Bee is Ready with a capital R.

And here we are headed in a wide arc around downtown Denver.

For having about a 2 amp heater, that helicopter, so many thousands of feet in the cold air, was stiflingly warm.

To the left you can see our pilot friend's head, sort of, and his hand at the bottom center, but that's all I can allow you to see because our pilot friend is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelly famous and paparazzi shy!

There are times when a superworm will be more diligent about remaining alive, so in those cases it can really give Sallie a fit. For instance, sometimes the superworm will be so squiggly that it will wriggle itself partially or mostly out of Sallie’s mouth. She does this patented{!} quick flip of her head and lets the superworm know exactly who’s boss.

Could you imagine feeling tiny little superworm feet crawling down your throat ~ and actually liking it?!

Wow, talk about the circle of life, lesson learned, etc. A friend of mine recently suffered an incredible loss: the suicide of her husband of 12 years. Knowing what I knew and knowing what I know now has resulted in hours and hours of introverted reflection for me, and trying to comprehend that fundamental level of sadness. Ohhh, don’t get me wrong; I’ve been four times within a hair’s breadth of those depths; obviously faith brought me back each time. I think that if most of you knew the things about this man that we learned yesterday at his memorial service, you would just sit in stunned silence and continuously ask “Why? Just why?”

Well, recently we also suffered the death of Sullie. Who knows why. Sallie is fine and hibernating right now. So I’m really enjoying this CoL with you.

May your emotional pain be completely gone now, John H.

Used my Chuck Norris on him...never had a chance.

Have you seen the movie Bedtime Stories? Typically we’re not Adam Sandler fans {Waterboy was ok; hated Big Daddy; Anger Management was stupid (loved when Nicholson farted in bed though); the Wedding Singer had funny parts}, but we gave Bedtime Stories a shot, and the kids still ask to watch it again. Pretty stinkin’ good movie, and I have to say that I just really enjoy the guy when he’s doing PG/G movies.

Anyway, the scene in which it’s raining gumballs and he thinks it’s fate, yet it’s really an overturned truck on the highway that spilled its gumball load, it’s just a colorful, well executed scene. That renewed our interest in gumballs, if an interest in them could ever really be renewed or whatever!

Hubby was at King Soopers very recently, and with the holidays behind them, Soops had this absolutely wonderful, enviable {hubby and I have always wanted one, more for nostalgic reasons than anything else} gumball machine…not for the original $50(!!!) but a whopping…ready?…wait on it…$6.00! Plus this is no cheapo gumball machine! It’s glass and anodized metal, and it means business! I absolutely think that’s worth sharing with the world😉

We fill this with only sugar-free gumballs since we're hell-bent on eradicating plaque and cavities everywhere! Heh!

It is my good friend Tina Hale’s birthday – you all know her, of course, from the one and only Wooded Views blogspot, and I wanted to say that so far, this “having a birthday every year” garbage is certainly not for the faint of heart! I think it’s incomprehensible that grey hairs, as they grow in, actually take over the brown hair.

Last year I put this cake in the freezer, I would absolutely love to share this cake with you again!!!

Since I have completely dismantled my scrapping area, I will now be looking forward to every single Flashback Friday challenge! If it weren’t for AmyT, I wouldn’t have a creative outlet for the time being!

This week’s Flashback is courtesy of Julie Elak, who asked for us to share the first non-Traditionally-Shaped card. I searched and searched my blog for one, and it took so long that I stopped at the first one I found LOL I looove the template for this card!

Card/Gift for Terri

Well, I have found it necessary to pack up my craft room for either a possible move or a separate bedroom for my growing kids. I’m not sure what’s going to happen now, but since I’m unemployed and have to spend time scouring the nation for a job, I couldn’t justify any crafting ~ the guilt was overwhelming. I applied recently for several design teams, but since I’ve heard absolutely nothing, I no longer have to hold my breath for those!

I wanted to get some of my 3D projects onto Etsy, but it takes time to create those, and that was taking time away from looking for a job, which is absolutely necessary. Hubby’s chronic pain, the fibromyalgia, the extreme joint discomfort, changes in barometric pressure ~ well, it comes down to MY keeping a job and hubby hopefully applying for disability. Who knows.

Anyway, that’s why you’ve heard pretty much nothing out of me. Life throws us curveballs, and right now my catcher’s mitt is extremely out of date!

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