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Whelp, can’t get it right all the time! I swore that I would remember to post both of son Bee’s teacher gifts in one post, but that remembering curve turned quickly into a forgetting curve! I think I need to change the batteries on my auto-pilot!

Along with daughter Tee, Bee gave his teacher the plastic cup gift with drink packets and faux ice cubes inside. I think you’d be unpleasantly surprised at just how expensive plastic cubes of faux ice are. I nearly fell over. Hubby was able to use one 40% off coupon while at Snobby Lobby, but still, one package of the faux cubes is a whopping $4.99!!!!!!! However, our teachers are worth it, and the cubes make the “cooooool” year punny-relevant!

Bee chose a delightfully green cup with a modern flair for his teacher gift.


My friend Tina, as I mentioned before, sent me these die cuts to do whatever I want, and boy am I using them!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…this mom made more teacher gifts so that her son could give some to his teacher as well.  LOL

Here is yet another cashew can turned teacher gift. Good grief, it’s almost embarrassing how easy these were to alter, and part of that ease might actually be due to the lack of a handle. I didn’t have to account for nor compensate for anything related to handles on both sides. Too bad it would be cost prohibitive for me to send some of these cans to you, my scrappy/cardy friends, or I would!! But I do like the idea of creating my own handles on these because if I wanted to embrace creative handles, I could punch 3 holes or 4 holes and not be encumbered by the existing ones. KWIM?

On Bee’s teacher gifts I went with opposites ~ so Tee’s had a pencil on the front of the can, whereas Bee’s has an apple, then the same thing with the “card” that they each gave…pencil vs. apple.

Like I mentioned previously, the kids’ teachers this year have gargantuan names, so I just went with Mrs. U…LOL

And here are the little gifties that were in the can ~ I absolutely **swooooon** over 3D gifts and templates!!

These pictures and the awesome smiles contained therein are now even more poignant based on info from the kids. Apparently the teachers received happy-first-day-of-school gifts from only my kidlets. You know the first thing that struck me? You’d think I would have gotten a little smug and Yay Me-ish, but the first thing I felt involved sadness ~ what if we hadn’t made and given them first day gifts? That would have meant that after all those years of teaching {e.g., Bee’s teacher has 17 years of teaching under her belt, and she looks like she’s not a day older than 32}, they’d have gotten nothing otherwise?

Although I’ve probably said it before, it’s worth repeating: I will be eternally and foreverly {hey, if that gets into the dictionary, you heard it here first!} grateful to teachers, especially elementary and middle school teachers ~ not one cell in my body is structured to teach schoolchildren. That’s not exactly easy for me to admit, but I have to also be accountable for the person I’m not LOL

Hooray for {good} teachers ~ you are amazing and ludicrously underpaid. I’m ludicrously underpaid as well, but I have time to give in making you gifts!

Daughter Tee with her teacher Mrs. B

Son Bee with his teacher Mrs. U

I sure hope that days for your kids with their awesome teachers are edifying!!

Last summer brought TeamShively my two-month job layoff and subsequent hiring at my current job and the relinquishing of the scraproom/office so that son Bee could have his own room. The start of the school year happened well before we’d ever been to IKEA to pick up a wall-mountable desk for me to be able to craft and scrap. So I had very limited space, very limited resources, and very limited time.

Somewhere in cyberville I stumbled upon teacher gifts made simply from those double-walled drink containers and filled with individual drink packets and faux ice cubes. My sweeeeet friend Tina had previously sent me some embellies that she’d cut with her Cameo, so I was able to punch holes in and install a Mason jar die cut to the straw, replete with a note about how the kids were ready for a “coooool” year.

Well, those gifts went over HUUUUGE last year! My kids were beyond elated that each day for nearly the entire school year, they watched as their teachers used those double-walled cups and the drink packets! Score!

Along with the altered cashew cans we gave this year’s teachers double-walled cups, again with die cuts my sweeeeet friend Tina sent along! Do you get the feeling I kinda like/appreciate her? Maybe I shouldn’t be so quiet and reserved.

Bwah hahahahahahahahaha, as if I could ever be!

Anywho, here’s the cup that Tee presented to her teacher Mrs. B:

The design on this cup, which you inconveniently can’t see, is a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired blue splurt of rectangles that Tee loved.

It says “I’m ready for a Cooooooooooooool year with you!”

I sure hope that days with your own double-walled cup are Coooooool!!

Despite having no actual place to create, and all sorts of boxes and mayhem all over the house, I couldn’t let my turmoil keep me from helping the kids start the school year right by presenting the teachers with gifts that in advance wish for them a wonderful school year.

What’s funny is, if the kids see me preparing to make or actually making gifts right before school starts, they “know” {read: accurately assume} that what I’m making is for their teachers. If, however, they don’t see me preparing to make gifts right before school starts, that actually prompts them to ask! So now I KNOW that these gifts are as important to them to give their teachers as they are for me to make them. Teacher gifts are certainly not taken for granted in my house!

Anywho, based on the balanced diet that we now eat since hubby got diagnosed as pre-diabetic, we consume alot of cashews because nuts can be balanced by a vegetable for a healthy snack. A healthy snack is of course a great idea, but don’t forget that in a truly balanced diet, the snack has to be balanced as well. The cashews we purchase are from Sam’s and come in a giant container that resembles a paint can, only without the metal handle. I have saved all of the containers that we’ve purchased since May 3 when we changed how/what/when we eat, really for the purpose of altering and being a transportation vessel LOL!

I punched holes in the sides of the can to string a ribbon through for a handle.

I picked up a 10-count package of these big one-sided pencils from Wally World for only $0.50!! The kids’ teachers have such long names this year that I’m just going with “Mrs. B”

These are the four little treat packages that I made using some EK Success punch outs, some shapes cut for me by my friend Tina, and just extra stuff that I found packed on top of a couple scrap totes that need unpacked.

I also picked up a 10-pack of these apples at Wally World, and since I didn’t create actual cards for the teachers, I embellished this apple and had Tee personalize it on the back.

I sure hope that days creating your own teacher gift creations are awesome!!

My sweet girl loved her teacher this year sooo much, I am just so grateful that it made for another wonderful year for Tee! I just love the picture of the two of them together!

She’s reading the sweet words that Tee wrote and I posted earlier…

She also HAD to open a strawberry…sooo cute!

Don’t they look great together?!

While the kids were excited to give their teachers the end-of-year gifts I posted earlier ~~ easy schmeasy baskets and paper strawberries ~~ they got the tiniest bit emotional today. Tomorrow, you’ll be able to tell in the picture of daughter Tee and her teacher that Tee has wet eyes {I don’t think it was onions LOL}.

My awesomest hubby got pictures of son Bee with his teacher, and later he & I would both recall never having a picture taken individually with a teacher. Isn’t that something? Then again, my mother who never worked also never came to the school, so it wouldn’t have mattered if I ever had a favorite teacher! I shall strive to be a million times better than my mother!

Here’s Bee with his prodigal teacher:

Look at Bee’s smile as she takes out the basket…

She just HAD to open a strawberry…soooo cute!!

Here she is reading those sweet words Bee wrote and I posted earlier…

The bittersweet last day of third grade…so far, this woman is the most brilliant, energized, capable, dedicated, double-tapped-by God teacher we’ve ever met.

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