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I was in suuuuch a rush to get photos of all the Teacher Appreciation Week {TAW} cards and gifts, and that rush resulted in really horrible pictures of the teacher thank-you card packages. Here’s the story behind the packaging: About three years ago on GinaK’s website there was a S’Mores gift project posted that was made using GinaK’s large clear plastic boxes, and I wanted to make numerous gifts to give as Christmas gifts. Well, like some newb, I tried to save money by purchasing the medium boxes.

Um, ya, I just looove learning lessons the hard way {not}. The medium boxes do NOT hold nearly enough chocolate, marshmallows, or graham crackers, so that was a bust. Plus, when I finally got time to create, it was well beyond GinaK’s return policy timeframe, so there I was, stuck trying to find projects using the medium boxes.

And did I find those projects? Noooooooooo. However, after four long years these clear boxes have finally found their purpose. They are great for holding 8 flat, relatively unembellished cards, and they hold 4 heavily embellished cards snug as can be. Then with some ribbon and a belly band, I have an awesome way to package cards!!

A note on the belly band and ribbon: I wanted to decorate the clear box without the need to remove the decorations and keep track of them. So I made the belly band, but on the backside of the front of the band, I taped a 36″ strand of ribbon, then slid the snug belly band onto the box. Once on the box, I pulled the ribbon around to the backside of the box, twisted the two pieces together about 90°, then pulled the ribbon around to the front and tied a bow. All the teachers have to do is untie the ribbon, not remove the belly band, and open either end of the box. The boxes come with round, clear stickers that made my kids think the whole thing came from a store ~~ you know, those clear stickers that are on clear packaging that make you feel confident the package hasn’t been opened since the sticker was placed at the factory.

This is a horrible picture, I’m so sorry. But I just had to post it anyway so you could get a sense of how elated I am to finally be utilizing these clear boxes. Doesn’t this clear box just look perrrrfect for a bunch of cards?

Now that I look back, it’s astonishing that I can even claim what I’m about to confess. Remember when I mentioned that Bee had managed to snag himself a hypocrite bully? Well, after the first incident back in mid-fall, we feel that the principal Mr. Ryby addressed it to the extent that he could with the support he was given at the time…and now where’s the “but”? But not once after each incident occurred did I make something to thank Mr. Ryby. He truly is a wonderful, accountable {“I have a small school here, I look at these kids as my own, who also grew up here” is what he said}, and grateful to have us in the school.

Well, remember how I also mentioned that the end of the school year three days ago snuck up on me like ripped underwear? Well, this is all that I managed to make for Mr. Ryby, and in the mayhem of summer break, hubby managed to mention to him not to untie the knot but to pull it up LOL

I want to quickly give a shout out to my little family, who this afternoon walked a round-trip total of 5.46 miles to the nearby{??} public library and back. Oh, and Pixie too!! It was a great walk, and we took a through-a-huge-house-neighborhood shortcut on the way back to avoid the major 4-lane avenue, and talk about a neat walk. About 97% of all the lawns we saw could probably have passed muster with a golf course. Wow, they were gorgeous and had that exercise mat feel to them, plush yet nature-ish. The kids didn’t complain once about being tired; they were absolutely thrilled that so many of their books had come in on hold! Criminy, I LOOOOOOOVE cool kids!

I pulled out some Cogsmo stuff from Cosmo Cricket to make this masculine card - I think it's the perfect paper line!

I couldn't find a wide masculine ribbon in my stash, so I went for the sentimental "you're a blessing" type

Another chocolate bar? Yep, two kids, two teachers, two chocolate bars. It’s Ghirardelli though {on sale, of course ~ me pay full price for chocolate? eeeek, sorry, no}, so justifying good chocolate is easier than you might think!

Again, this is a big chocolate bar from which I stole the pattern for the slidy packaging. Like yesterday’s, this one uses leftover {from these layouts, and this layout, and this layout} SEI Jolie papers ~ a couple of years ago I was part of an SEI Mega Kit club, and now that I’m unemployed, I am challenged to use only what I have, purchase only ATG tape and Terrifically Tacky, and actually USE the SEI stuff for layouts prior to using for anything else.

This chocolate bar slider/holder was the best one since I got the measurements so precise, it fit perfectly snuggly

And here's that lovely Golden Ticket!!! I've got the Golden Ticket!!

I still do not know how this happened, but inexplicably the end of the school year snuck up on me like high-rise briefs three sizes too small. Ugh. I can’t believe I let that happen, I’m serious. Alas, I had to make some end-of-year gifts but FAST. I made one chocolate bar slider on Wednesday, then had to finish the other two as the time ever so rapidly approached school let-out. I made one for Bee’s teacher, Tee’s teacher, and Mr. Ryby the awesome principal.

Jee, I wonder if you’re going to recognize the paper that I used for this one? LOL Ya of course it’s the SEI stuff I’ve been using recently. The somewhat funny part about these three projects is that I created a template from the original Ghirardelli chocolate bar packaging, only I didn’t include one of the closed ends so that could be the pull-up opening. The bar is angled slightly inward from the bottom sides of the bar to the top, much like gold buillion only cheaper and flatter, and, well, more flavorful, if you will. hehe

I assure you, that somewhat deep purple-looking tag actually does match the other colors, it's just a really dark merlot

The bar is in its original foil, I just very neatly creating custom packaging ROTFL

I’m kidding, there was no popular demand involved, I just wanted to make one. I couldn’t recall making our friend Terri an In a Pinch box {Lauren Meador} and I felt like I must because I simply can’t resist making them for giving away au chocolat!!

She’s a chronic pain survivor, just like SmokinHotHubby, and has had some extremely rough days lately, just like SHH, so hubby took the box to her across town while I picked up the kids and started dinner.

I went with a combo of SEI papers, Lovebirds and Key to My Heart

Side A with lovely butterflies with cylinder-bead bodies; the paper is the backside of the K2MH

The flower is Prima vintage, and I decorated that butterfly with a garnet Spica pen

Side B's butterflies and corner Kaisercraft half pearls

Here's the back of the box with the lid opened and key dangling from Twinery

The SEI flat pink megabrad is topped with an SEI rubon covering a giant button and Prima

So, you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting, ever so patiently, to find out what I’ve been doing for National Scrapbooking Day and Mother’s Day. HAHA Ya, I’m sure the internet’s been all a flutter about my plans! I spent yesterday and some of today making a tea cottage for mom-in-love, and you probably aren’t going to believe what I wanted for M’s Day.

Saturday we were on a family bike ride when Bee’s tire went flat, complete rip up the side of it. The thing was a bit too small and a cousin’s hand-me-down at that, so since nothing had been purchased for M’s Day, I asked for a new bike for him so that we can still go on rides. It worked. They bought him a bike, and along with some adorable, makeshift cards and things the kids made at school, I got a boy’s bike for M’s Day!! We had a great ride, and he’s so excited to be capable of riding next to Tee because his bike is a similar size.

Here's a little My Mind's Eye Tres Jolie tea cottage ~ a la CreationsByAR

Keep in mind, when critiqueing, that I had to cut pretty much everything by hand ~ whew!

This is a rainy cottage...I heat-embossed the grass, making it look wet...voila, rain

Can you see the Spica glitter pen on the de-popped Shapeabilities fleur de lis? The parents were recently near NOLA, so that was my inspiration

The back will most likely be up against a wall, backed against a cupboard, or rarely seen period, but I thought I'd be a little cute anyway

You pull down the little front porch and pull out a little pouch o' tea...the porch is designed to pull down only so far

I completely forgot to take a picture of the roof of the house off...that's where you load the tea packets

The theme for Thursday of teacher appreciation week for Tee’s class was PINK! Her teacher loves pink, so kids were to bring in something for her use in the classroom {or home, didn’t matter, emphasis was probably on ‘no’ sweets this time} that’s pink. I used the same type of foldable bin that I used for Bee’s teacher appreciation gift. This time, though, I stamped on the wood sides with Brilliance pigment ink.

I got the chipboard embellie at the Maine Event - finally using it!

Space age icecream scoop, two antibacterial wipe bottles, teacher notepad, two awesome glitter tubes

Studio G stamps; Brilliance ink is SOO perfect for wood ~ it doesn't bleed as it's absorbed

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