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It is my good friend Tina Hale’s birthday – you all know her, of course, from the one and only Wooded Views blogspot, and I wanted to say that so far, this “having a birthday every year” garbage is certainly not for the faint of heart! I think it’s incomprehensible that grey hairs, as they grow in, actually take over the brown hair.

Last year I put this cake in the freezer, I would absolutely love to share this cake with you again!!!

Since I have completely dismantled my scrapping area, I will now be looking forward to every single Flashback Friday challenge! If it weren’t for AmyT, I wouldn’t have a creative outlet for the time being!

This week’s Flashback is courtesy of Julie Elak, who asked for us to share the first non-Traditionally-Shaped card. I searched and searched my blog for one, and it took so long that I stopped at the first one I found LOL I looove the template for this card!

Card/Gift for Terri

Well, I have found it necessary to pack up my craft room for either a possible move or a separate bedroom for my growing kids. I’m not sure what’s going to happen now, but since I’m unemployed and have to spend time scouring the nation for a job, I couldn’t justify any crafting ~ the guilt was overwhelming. I applied recently for several design teams, but since I’ve heard absolutely nothing, I no longer have to hold my breath for those!

I wanted to get some of my 3D projects onto Etsy, but it takes time to create those, and that was taking time away from looking for a job, which is absolutely necessary. Hubby’s chronic pain, the fibromyalgia, the extreme joint discomfort, changes in barometric pressure ~ well, it comes down to MY keeping a job and hubby hopefully applying for disability. Who knows.

Anyway, that’s why you’ve heard pretty much nothing out of me. Life throws us curveballs, and right now my catcher’s mitt is extremely out of date!

Ya, and what happened to my Post A Day attempt? To feel comfortable going into my all-day interviews, Friday, 6/17, I met with a former co-worker/developer to assess my development aptitude, then did a whole lot of research on the web regarding the company, what kinds of products it produces, where they have locations, etc. I’ve never done so much research for a job in my entire life, and it was extremely worth it. After talking with my co-worker, then taking those notes home and researching that information, I’ve understood more in a week than I think I did in an entire semester of programming in college. And he’s willing to continue helping me become one, if I choose. Chose!

Also, Wednesday night Bee {son} asked for another piano lesson, so we sat down to it. Earlier in the day I labeled some removable Post It colored tags with E, G, B, D, and F for all the lines, bottom up, on the treble staff. I described to him that when toddlers are first learning the alphabet, their minds have to begin equating the sound of the letter A with the actual letter A in the alphabet. I said that’s what we need to do when we learn to read music. The line on the treble staff representing E not only corresponds to particular keys on the piano {and other instruments of course}, but also to a particular sound of that key. This adorable little man looked up at me and declared, “Wow, that’s a notch above learning the alphabet. No wonder people who read and play music seem really smart.”

We proceeded through the music, this time recognizing and playing just Es, then added middle C in when he found those. The wonderful German metronome that my parents-in-love got me for Christmas when we bought our piano is coming in very handy for keeping time and showing him a steady beat.

Children are amazing little people, and I kinda wish I didn’t have to get a job or keep a job…I’d spend all day with my kidlets, that would be my perfect job!

Why?? Because I haven’t gotten to do either of them in a really long time, hardy-har!! I honestly still can’t believe that I haven’t gotten any crafty time, but in my defense, with all the house cleaning and decluttering, stuff ended up in my craft room to deal with that I now have to deal with so can’t create. Whew…run on sentence if I’ve ever seen one!

Okay, so tonight was Bee’s first piano lesson, although if you were looking in our front door, it wouldn’t have looked like a piano lesson. I started reading online yesterday about the proper methods to teach a kid piano, and those methods did indeed differ a deal {did you like my unexpected alliteration??!! Come on, search your heart, you know it was great} from my own experiences. And then I read probably one of the most important things I’ve ever read about teaching kids an instrument: the music student’s Bill of Rights. The very first part of a solid music student’s Bill of Rights is, in a nutshell, that a kid deserves a pertinent lesson that is easy to understand and must be fun. I actually sat for a few moments considering that statement, and I concluded that because I am a parent who can, rather than an outside teacher who doesn’t, get mega-frustrated with a kid, then the only way that I’ll be able to work around the parent/kid relationship while “kid” learns music, I have to keep that statement in the forefront ~ if I can’t teach my kids music without getting frustrated and impatient {and we all know that “most” paid piano teachers typically have more patience with children who aren’t their own, and that’s to be expected}, then it’s not going to be a viable lesson. I’m convinced that for lessons, I need to take the “mommy” factor out and just play teacher {if there’s an igniting of the piano or sheet music by something flammable, then “teacher” gets punched out and MOTHER intervenes LOL}, or it won’t be fun for either of us.

Sooo, I got out my John Schaum Piano Course book A, sat on the couch with Bee perpendicular in my lap, and I made a game of going through the extremely basic songs in the book and having him identify Middle C. I equated that for him to knowing the “home row” ~ if you know Middle C and the home row, and where to quickly find each, then you’re doing pretty well. The tricky part that Bee saw is that Middle C isn’t always played by the right hand; it can, of course, show up in the bass staff, while additionally Middle C can take the appearance of quarter notes {he was more aware of these from music in school} and half notes and whole notes and eighth notes. Middle C played in the bass staff surprised him a little, so that was another good reason to play that game.

Anyway, he can now identify Middle C in easy piano music, and next I will put color coded removable stickers on the keys that represent the treble staff lines so that we can begin associating those in the music. I didn’t get flustered with him once, and afterwards he looked at me and said, “Yep, that was fun, this will be good! Hey, can we play Heart&Soul tomorrow to celebrate?!” Awwwww!

I’m sharing a layout that I did for my parents-in-love wedding anniversary album, and I’m sharing this one because of all the silly stuff that went into it. First, the 1040A in the background is a scanned copy of an actual one we filed with the IRS.  Next, I made the file folders from actual manila ones that I have, and I made those coffee cup stains with the lid from my chapstick. But I thought the quote was SO appropriate for what she accomplished with the help of her family/tribe/clan/network!

Now as I look at this, I can't believe I didn't cover up those glue dots on the vellum quote UGH!!

I just have to share with you a very cool thing that happened today. I think you already know from this post that I play the piano to the kids most nights. Bee {son} has been showing real interest in the piano, so recently I showed him how to play the Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater song on the black keys. He plays it nearly every time he walks by the piano ~ sometimes sings it too LOL.

Within the last week I taught him the bottom part to Heart and Soul, and I played a bit of the top portion to show him that the two go together for a “duet.” That intrigued him, so he’s been practicing and practicing, and tonight he asked me to play that higher part while he plays the lower part. We got through it twice with no mistakes, and I wish I could have captured the pride on his face when we looked at each other. He’d never seen a “duet” let alone performed one, so he said, “I didn’t think that was possible!” Jeepers he’s too cute!

Here’s a two pager that I created for a gal in Arizona whose husband had completely renovated her craft room in purple, so that’s the theme here. See the little fence with the heat-embossed dress behind it? The base of that is a coaster from Red Robin ~ did you go through the restaurant/bar/grill coaster phase like I did? I still have a gazillion, for more albums than I can possibly create before my great-great-great grandchildren start telling stories about me!

These are Cosmo Cricket Storytime papers and embellies

The flowers are both stash and Prima, and the fence is a Jolie

I wanted that swirl to sparkle, so I sent it through the Xyron good side up to get sticky, poured glittery embossing powder on it, and heated

I don’t know about you, but WOW am I pooped. Cleaned house alll {I love channeling AmyT!!} weekend, with Sunday being a non-stop, 10-hour clean fest. Even vacuumed the curtains…yes, that’s how intense it got!

Still don’t have any unemployment payments yet, and on Friday a document came indicating that because my previous employer didn’t submit the correct information to the unemployment office, I need to start some paperwork all over again. It’s so frustrating that I could cry, but it’s sadly almost completely out of my hands, ya know?

Anyway, just sharing a previous layout that I did of various family pictures, on some fantastic, green paper. The picture in the upper left was taken at the Glenwood Springs, Colorado, hot springs pool on a mini-vacay {Friday thru Monday} that we took nearly 5 years ago after hubby was diagnosed with testicular cancer but before he started radiation. The bottom three are from various Christmas mornings LOL

Notice the clothing label in the lower right and the stitching? I noticed that I have a stitch on my machine that matches the stitch design on the paper, so I absolutely had to exploit that.

Prima flowers, an Alien brad, a "family" digital element, and loooooooove!

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